Qualtrics Survey

Create a New Survey & Share a Link

  1. Navigate to the Yale version of Qualtrics:
  2. Click “Create New Project” in the upper, right corner of the screen
  3. Below “Create your own,” click on “Survey
  4. Enter a Project Name in the open field and leave “Blank Project” selected
  5. Click “Get Started” in the upper, right corner of the screen
  6. Start adding questions as desired. You can click “Change Question Type” to toggle between question formats (e.g. multiple choice, text entry, rank order, etc.)
    • To require a response to a question, click on the question and then use the “Change Question Type” panel to click “Force Response” below “Validation Options.”
  7. After you finish entering questions, click “Preview” to review your survey
  8. If everything looks good, click “Publish” (click “Publish” again when the pop-up window appears).
  9. A link will then display on the page, highlight and copy the link. If you do not see the link, click “Distributions” and then click “Web” to generate the “Anonymous Link.”
    • An anonymous link means the link is not connected to a specific person before the survey, if you have not included a question on your survey for first/last name, then your data will be anonymous. If you want names to appear on the survey, you should include a field for first and last name.

Retrieve Results from a Qualtrics Survey

  1. Navigate to the Yale version of Qualtrics (see the above options)
  2. Click on the Project Name of your desired survey.
  3. From the Survey landing page, click on “Data & Analysis”
  4. You should see a preview of the responses to your survey.
  5. Click “Export & Import” to download the results.
  6. On the dropdown menu, click “Export Data”
  7. In the pop-up window, opt for the “Excel” version of the download.
  8. Leave “Download all fields” and “Use Choice Text” as the settings for the download.
  9. Click “Download”
  10. A “Managing Downloads” pop-up box will appear and the file will start to download on your computer.
  11. You can then locate the file in your computer’s file system (likely the downloads folder).

Tutorial: Creating a Survey and Downloading Results

Get Help

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