Graduate and Professional School Student Support

Graduate and professional school students should remain off-campus and participate in online instruction, unless the nature of your research or academic program requires your presence on campus. The dean of each school will share more information

If you have not heard from faculty about your courses, contact them about any changes to instruction that might impact you. Check with faculty about what counts as participation online and determine changes to assignments and/or due dates. If you have concerns about accessibility, ask your professor about their plan or encourage them to contact the Poorvu Center for support.  

Communicate with faculty advisers to establish the best way to confer with them (Zoom meeting, phone meeting, or email conversation). Routine feedback on research and dissertation-writing should continue during this period. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) has shared a plan for the continuity of research in lab settings. The Graduate School also has an extensive frequently-asked-questions webpage highlighting numerous topics, such as submitting the dissertation, conducting field work, doing lab research, and managing international student status. GSAS students will continue to receive stipends during this period; for more information, please refer to the GSAS site

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