Pre-Course Surveys

As students and faculty experience a different classroom format during the spring 2021 semester, instructors might want to consider conducting a pre-course survey to learn more about their students. The survey can provide faculty with useful student information and reinforce care for students’ educational experiences.

The Poorvu Center and faculty from across the University have drafted questions for instructors to adapt as needed to assess student circumstances and identify potential concerns. These questions can serve as a starting point for instructors to communicate with their students, demonstrating value to students’ unique circumstances and supporting continuity in their education.

Instructors can create this survey in Qualtrics, Canvas, and Microsoft Forms. You can access helpful information for these platforms on subsequent pages.

Sample Questions

1) What will be your primary time zone for the Spring 2021 semester?

  • U.S. Eastern Time
  • U.S. Central Time
  • U.S. Mountain Time
  • U.S. Pacific Time
  • Other: ________

2) What sort of internet connection will you have for the Spring 2021 semester? [Choose all that apply.]

  • I have access to wired or wireless high-speed internet.
  • I do not have access to wired or wireless high-speed internet.
  • Other: ________

3) Do you have any accessibility or disability accommodation requests?

4) What challenges, aside from possible internet connectivity, do you anticipate in attending our course?

  • What ideas do you have about addressing these potential challenges?

5) What would you like me to know about you and the circumstances under which you are learning this semester?

6) In a few sentences, what is one of the most memorable/exciting/interesting things you learned last semester?

7) When was the last time you had any interaction with this subject matter? What is your reason for taking this class now?

8) What are your preferred gender pronouns?