Resolve Zoom Errors

If you are receiving an error when accessing Zoom through Canvas, there may be several reasons. Here are possible errors you may receive and easy steps to take to remedy them and get access to the Zoom tool in Canvas.

Zoom is telling me my email is invalid (error code 2216)

Issue: Your Yale Zoom account likely has not been created

Solution: Please visit and select “sign in.” Once you have signed in, your account has been created: you need to do this only one time to register the account. Return to Canvas and retry the Zoom tool.

Zoom is telling me my email does not exist or belong to this account (error code 1001)

Issue: Your Zoom account using your email address is not associated with Yale’s license, or is associated with one of Yale’s Zoom subaccounts.

Solution 1: Please visit and select “sign in.” If prompted, confirm your email address. You will be sent an email asking you to confirm you would like to move to Yale’s Zoom account. See also our Linking a Personal Zoom Acount Using a Yale Email Address to a Yale Zoom Account article.

Solution 2: If your account has been created or associated with Yale’s Zoom account successfully, you may still see this error if your Zoom account is in a Yale Zoom subaccount such as the HIPAA-protected subaccount. Enable the “Zoom HIPAA” tool in your Canvas course to see if you have access.

Request help

If you have tried these steps and are still encountering issues, please contact us.