Canvas: Class Roster

Generating a List of Students Using the Photo Roster Tool

Learning student names can be one of the most effective ways to establish a productive environment. Use of student names has been shown to build community; increase student engagement by helping them feel more comfortable; make students feel more accountable to the instructor; make students more comfortable seeking help; and increase student satisfaction with a course (Cooper et. al 2017, Murdoch et. al 2018, O’Brien et. al 2014).

Having a photo roster or list of all students enrolled in your course will help you engage with students on Canvas, Zoom, and other digital channels. 

Check out our Photo Roster: Overview resource to review additional guides and information about the Photo Roster tool like how to download your photo roster. Review our People Tool versus Photo Roster page to learn about the differences between these tools.

Please note, only Canvas users with an “Instructor” or “TA” role can see the Photo Roster tool. Although other roles can see “Photo Roster” in the course navigation, the tool will appear blank without any student information.