Coursera for Yale Students 2021

Since 2013, Yale University has partnered with Coursera to deliver high quality open courses to learners around the world. Additionally, Coursera works with other institutions around the globe to do the same, with over 190 university partners. You can learn more about Coursera on their website.

Yale students may enroll in the certificate track of select courses in Coursera’s catalogue for free using their netID. Each certificate typically costs $49, but Yale has partnered with Coursera to make a variety of courses available for free. Yale students may wish to enroll in courses that support their residential, credit-bearing courses this fall.  This program will be offered to students without date or sign up restrictions. 

How to join the program:

  1. Click on this program link
  2. Then click “Join for Free”
  3. You will be prompted to “Log in with Yale”
  4. Log in with your Yale NetID credentials
  5. You will be routed back to the Coursera platform and can start enrolling in courses!

Other Resources: