Course Support for Fall 2020

To prepare for various scenarios during the fall semester, the Poorvu Center will offer structured support throughout the summer to help faculty design flexible and resilient courses:

Guided Support:

You can sign up for a program of hands-on training, workshops, and consultations below. These services will repeat in two-week intervals beginning on June 1. Course design experts will help you develop teaching strategies to address your concerns and priorities for the coming year. The Center invites instructors to sign up for their first and second choice two-week periods so they can distribute their capacity and meet everyone’s needs. Please sign up by Wednesday, June 10 for this support.

All registered instructors will receive a designated contact in the Poorvu Center to help answer questions during their guided support two-week period. The two-week session will involve up to 8 hours of synchronous time to attend workshops, plus additional synchronous time for individual consultations and attendance at specialized sessions on technology use or integrating library materials.

  1. Have the opportunity to follow a structured pathway of support for fall course planning that is informed by education research and Yale data about effective online learning experiences (workshops, individual consultations with experts, web resources)
  2. Reflect on specific considerations for residential remote teaching in their discipline
  3. Consider recommended strategies, both pedagogical and technical, for student engagement, assessment, and inclusion and apply them to fall course planning
  4. Prioritize “resilient course design” by focusing on elements that will be effective for both online and in-person teaching

Self-directed Support:

The Poorvu Center offers updated how-to guides, workshop recordings, and other resources you may use to inform your course preparations. As always, instructors may contact the Center to request a consultation.

The goal of these efforts is to ensure a high-quality learning experience for your students in the face of continuing disruptions.

To sign up for guided support, please complete the following form: